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I absolutely love this game! I've been meaning to experience this and I'm happy I finally did, it reminds me of one of my favorite books (and film) Annihilation.

Oooo I love that it was able to capture that feeling for you! My next ttrpg book is a whole campaign in this setting. 

Omg! That sounds amazing! I would love to try it once it is finished I'll try to keep up with your stuff!


Absolutely fantastic story generator. I was able to tell a story of the lengths people will go to show their love for someone.

Probably not your intention, but I still had a fun time!

Totally my intention, and so glad you enjoyed it!

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I'm very confused - where do I purchase the PDF version of this?


Oh uhhh. If you paid for it, just email me at and ill send u the code file.


still checking the game out, but the little link to Cuticorium was a delight to find!


Well that is one way to tell everyone the game has bugs in it. 


Hey, some of the act 2 cards don't seem to have a link to act 3. is this intended?


Yes. Animalesis works differently. 

Only certain prompts can let your progress. If you can't yet move on to the next Act, that means you need to keep going (it's always the Knight Queen King prompts, which also contain key information).


Oooh, very nice!

I'm certainly not the single most experienced solo journaling game player, but I think this is the first one I've seen with a digital component like this.

Thanks, I'm not too well versed in solo games either but I know there are a few others out there with digital components.

I've found that Twine is really handy for TTRPGs and I plan on including digital components to all my future games as play tools.