Japanese Translation!

I am very excited to announce that The Quiet Life is now available in Japanese. The translation was completed by Toshiya Nakamura, after I saw them make a post promoting the game on their twitter. I'm glad I took the risk to reach out and see if there would be the potential for this TTRPG to reach a wider audience across the language barrier and I am very pleased with the results. 

This has been a major chance for me to learn about the amazing Japanese indie TTRPG scene and I hope there can be more collaboration between creators and translators for indie TTRPGs. I see this as a opportunity for both English and Japanese creators to learn new systems and design approaches, so I look forward to seeing, and producing, more translations in the future. 

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That ..... do you need Chinese?

Yes , I finished the translation for my friend

If you want to do a Chinese translation, I'd be interested in paying you. Email me at usducktape@gmail.com with a sample of some of your pervious projects, experience, and resume. Thank you!

Although I do not mean this

but I sent  a mail

AH now I understand what you mean and it is a great translation! Thank you so much! I replied back too.