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Our actions shape our future, a fate which will shape us in turn. Will this form be desired or detested? Only the one reading the cards can decide what they want to become.

To Change is a rules-light TTRPG where players will find themselves faced with a shared experience of a transformation in the body and mind. Whether the change is something terrible to be avoided or something wonderful to be pursued, whether it is something enigmatic or anticipated, the possibilities are limitless. The system is setting agnostic, with adventures that span a wide range of genres to cover themes of body horror and lost humanity, as well as self discovery and the joy of taking on a new form.

- How it Plays -

To Change uses a 22 card tarot deck of the major arcana to facilitate exciting action resolution and easy character building. You don't need skill at interpreting tarot to play; all the cards have ascribed functions. Players select cards to represent the facets of their character's personalities, as well as drawing cards to determine success and failure. Of course, players can always succeed by just Succumbing to their changes, moving ever closer to reaching the point of Permanence from which there is no reversal.

To Change is designed for short 'one-shot' adventures with a GM/Storyteller who leads the action, and one to five players. There is also a detailed solo journaling mode and rules for GMless play.

- What You Get -

  • A beautiful 200+ page rulebook with over 40 full page illustrations.
  • 11 ready-to-play adventure modules, each with their own change crosses. Includes stories of transformations into mermaids, kobolds, horses, dinosaurs, aliens, and many other beyond human forms.
  • Comprehensive solo play rules for journaling through your personal transformation, with a special solo scenario by Stargazersasha about how to turn yourself into a werewolf!
  • Special rules for adding gender changes to any adventure with the transgender change wheel.
  • A Twine card drawing simulator, letting you play online without ever needing a tarot deck. Coded with help by gwencie.
  • A fillable character sheet by Jenny Wolff.
  • 26+ (and counting) solo journaling scenarios made by Duck, Ewen, and other To Change community members.
  • The initial sketches of all of Mel's tarot card art, with author commentary/tarot musings by Ewen and Duck.

- The Team -

To Change is written by Duck and Ewen, with additional adventure modules by Sasha "stargazersasha" WinterLilith Bloodmoon, Alexis Sara, and Jo Winter 

Illustrations by Mel Echavarria, Winter Skye, and Bilexth/MOGA.

Other TF guest artists include: Arania, StrawberryTF, Angrboda, BlackShirtBoy, Zilepo, Pythos Cheetah, Zoe/TF4ME, Valentina de la Rosa, Darling Demon Eclipse, and Pobblebonked.

Modeling by Ida Mary Walker Larsen, Kyle Ross, and Zilepo.

Layout, design, and formatting by Amber Seger.

Funded on Gamefound

If you are interested in creating content using the To Change system, the 3rd Party License Agreement is available here.

To Change will be available in print at IPR, along with other games by Duck and Mel. (coming soon)

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GenreCard Game
Made withTwine
TagsFurry, LGBT, One-shot, Solo RPG, tf, transformation, Tabletop role-playing game
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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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Fillable Change Cross.pdf 1 MB
TC Character Sheet by Jenny Wolff.html 26 kB
(For solo journaling) Secret Santa Changes Vol.1&2 .html 502 kB
Play Example Plain Text.pdf 63 kB
(Bonus) Tarot Sketchbook and Author Commentary.pdf 3 MB

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I'm absolutely going to run this for some players, and this is extremely pogchamp! Congratulations to usducktape, Ewen, and friends for developing such a great system! Thank you very, very much!


To Change is a tarot-based TTRPG about transformation.

It's not objectively about good transformation, or about bad transformation, or transformation that aligns with or against your ideal form. It's simply about being changed.

The PDF is 212 pages with clean, readable text, hyperlinks, bookmarks, and a lot of detailed, provocative art. As a note, provocative isn't being used here to mean that it's dark, just that it confronts you. There's *absolutely* intense body horror here, and also whatever the opposite of that is, and also a lot of the gray area in between.

Mechanically, probably the best way I can describe To Change is that each player character is made up of one big interlocking health track.

You have physical power and resistance stats, and mental power and resistance and stats, but every point of your stats can be damaged and changed and if enough damage and change happens your transformation is irreversible.

When skill checks come up, players draw tarot cards and pick from them. Picking a card resolves the check according to the game's unique text for that card---which is a really novel skill system and leads to a lot of unique outcomes. However, when you pick a card, you remove it from play, so over time players whittle away at their good options until it's just undesirable cards that are left.

Again, 'undesirable' might not be the right descriptor depending on how you view serious and sudden physical and mental change. It's possible to play scenarios where your change is good and uplifting, and it's possible to play scenarios where your change is horrific and fundamentally negates the core truths of your being.

Basically, this system can run Teen Wolf and also Dead Space.

In terms of player resources, To Change does have built in safety tools, and it specifically has extra tech for handling transgender narratives. It also flags its scenarios up front with a number representing the intensity of the change---although the scenarios are sort of formatted in an odd way, so you'll typically have to read them to get more context for what they contain.

Still, the simplicity of its system and the tightness of the mechanical loop makes it a breeze to GM---so if you're new to ttrpgs but really like the transformation theme, you'll have an easy time here.

If you're a veteran GM and want to fiddle with the system, there are built in tools for adjusting gameplay to fit different scenarios.

And plus there's an optional journaling mode for solo play.

Really, this game puts a lot of work into meeting its players halfway. It's not hard to use, but a lot of how you engage with it will depend on whether and how you click with the theme.

Overall, if I had to describe To Change in a phrase, it would be "instant cult classic." To Change is *very much* its own thing, and whether or not you like it will probably depend on your level of comfort with telling stories that radically physically and mentally change the characters within them. I don't know of any other TTRPGs that are quite like this, and if anything I've said here sounds interesting, you should check it out.


Nice work on the release! Everything looks amazing, can't wait to dig into it further.


Congratulations on the release. It was a pleasant surprise to see it this morning. Wish you all the best.


Congrats on the release! This was super fun to stream with y'all all those months ago during crowdfunding, I'm super glad it's come to fruition! Can't wait to play this with some of my best friends.